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Forgetting your password is no longer a problem!

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EARLY BIRD gets a 40% Discount

Designed for resetting your Windows password, the all new Password Pro features Easy Boot technology and a UDP 3.0 USB. With a fast read/write speed of at least 100Mbps, Password Pro's launch capabilities will give you access quicker than ever before.

Gain entry when you need it the most

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EARLY BIRD gets a 40% Discount


Launching on


Say goodbye to changing your BIOS settings, the EASYBOOT launch delivers with ease. At the touch of a button Password Pro launches into its all new sleek smooth interface.

Any Windows

Whether you are on the latest Windows 10 platform or starting up an old Windows NT 4 system, Password Pro can reset any windows password.

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Why have complication when you can have simplicity? Password Pro's simple yet well designed interface provides you with the ability to reset one or multiple passwords. Select the user and click reset password or unlock account, its as simple as that. No technical knowledge is required for Password Pro. For those that want to go deeper technically, enhanced options are only one step away in the features menu.

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SYSKEY removal

Hackers like to use SYSKEY to lock you out of your system. This is why Microsoft have recently removed it, from the latest version of Windows. If you have been SYSKEY'd then we have you covered. In one click you can remove SYSKEY and get back into your computer..

Bit Locker

Password Pro allows you to unlock BitLocker drives using a password, recovery key or recovery file. If BitLocker is detected then you will be prompted to unlock the drive before resetting passwords.


Launching on

EARLY BIRD gets a 40% Discount

Added Features

File explorer

Registry Editor

Command Prompt

In certain cases Windows can become so corrupted that it is impossible to access the security accounts manager. But what about all of your data? Password Pro allows you to connect to network drives or local USB disks. Using the built in File Explorer you can copy all of your data over the network or onto a local disk so you won’t lose anything.  Feel safe in the knowledge that you can get your data back no matter what.

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