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Password Reset Key

Any Windows

Password Reset Key works with every version of Windows going back to Windows NT 4. With the latest updates from Microsoft to the Windows 10 platform, Password Reset Key has kept pace. The very latest versions of Windows 10 can be accessed and user accounts unlocked.



Sometimes your account has bigger issues than just a forgotten password. Accounts can become locked or disabled so even if you know the password you cannot logon. Password Reset Key has a unique force unlock feature that removes locks and enables accounts. All with just one click.


Added Features

To unlock Windows you need to be able to access Windows. But what if your drive is encrypted with BitLocker? Well Password Reset Key allows you to unlock BitLocker drives using a password, recovery key or recovery file. If BitLocker is detected then you will be prompted to unlock the drive before resetting passwords.


In certain cases Windows can become so corrupted that it is impossible to access the security accounts manager. But what about all of your data? Password Reset Key allows you to connect to network drives or local USB disks. Using the built in File Explorer you can copy all of your data over the network or onto a local disk so you won’t lose anything. In case you have deleted any files we even include a file recovery tool so you can undelete any files you may have lost. Feel safe in the knowledge that you can get your data back no matter what.

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