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Data destruction and wipe USB device


  • Data wipe USB key, that erases all your files and data from your hard drive.

  • Suitable for HDD, SSD and External Hard Drives.

  • 3 phase cryptographic wipe

  • NIST 800-88 Compliant

  • SMART technology detects the most effective wipe for your individual hard drive.


  • Wipe 1 or Multiple Hard drives

  • Full virus removal.

  • Unlimited use

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Add on 256gb Memory Stick from £19.99

Destruct add ons

The Data wipe
USB key

Destruct Pro data deleter

Wipe your computer hard drive

Destruct Pro deletes all the information stored on your Hard Drives (HDD, SSD and NVME) in PC laptops, desktops and external hard drives. The data wipe USB key removes all data, photos, spyware, viruses and more using a 3 phase cryptographic wipe to NIST 800-88 standards. This also removes your OS, so its important to remember your license key number for Windows before using Destruct Pro. You can reinstall Windows or Linux using one of our Installer keys.

Data wipes can vary in time, with some NVME's wiping in 16 minutes and older larger HDD's taking a few hours. 

Its incredibly easy to use and in just a few clicks you will be able to select which hard drive you would like to wipe. Destruct Pro will then provide you with a Certificate of Erasure 

Destruct Pro is one of the best Data Wipe tools in 2023.


So if you are selling, throwing away or gifting your computer, erase your hard drive before you do with Destruct Pro the data deleter. 


NIST 800-88

NIST 800-88 compliance for Media Sanitization – NIST 800-88 is the de facto standard for data destruction on hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) and USB flash memory. In addition to the 3 phase wipe process, DESTRUCT PRO now supports secure erase capabilities including BLOCK ERASE and CRYPTO SCRAMBLE. The new wipe capabilities ensure that data stored in areas of the disk that are not normally accessible get completely destroyed. 


Super fast wipe methods. We now support single phase BLOCK ERASE and CRYPTO SCRAMBLE which can wipe an entire drive in seconds. Our in-house test lab have reported a 240GB SanDisk SSD can be wiped using BLOCK ERASE in around 10 seconds. Using third-party data recovery tools they were unable to recover any data from the drive after the fast wipe. (DESTRUCT PRO will never select a 1 phase fast wipe by default)







DESTRUCT PRO now detects the best possible data destruction method for each drive being wiped. Don’t worry about which method to use. DESTRUCT PRO is smart enough to figure that out for you. (Although you can revert back to the DESTRUCT PRO 3 phase data wipe if you prefer).


Select 1 or multiple hard drives

From when you plug DESTRUCT PRO in, the new interface makes navigating around DESTRUCT PRO easy. No complicated boot sequence or technical knowledge needed. Select either one or multiple hard drives and your computer will be clean and like new.

DESTRUCT PRO's new interface, lets you know if there is a problem with your hard drive and how far along the process it is in the 3 phase Cryptographic wipe.

Once wiped all you have to do is re-install your operating system and your computer is ready to be sold or re-used.

screen pc good (1).png


In the digital age our data has become more valuable than ever. It has become harder to know where our data is stored. A laptop or PC can hold all sorts of personal data that you know of, but there is also data that you never think about. Do you sync files and photos with cloud services like Dropbox, WhatsApp, OneDrive or iCloud? What about your mobile phone, does it sync to your computer sending photos, passwords and more?

Many of us spend hours on the web every week for work and play. To make life easier when switching between devices your web browser will often sync your activities between devices. This includes the current pages you are visiting as well as passwords and other private information.

Online banking and finance are so common place today that many of us never visit the branch. Everything can be done from the comfort of an armchair. All of our digital assets as well as our real world ones are managed and controlled through the devices we surround ourselves with.

So what happens when one of these devices reaches the end of it’s life. Maybe you are upgrading to the latest and greatest, or perhaps it is simply too old and slow. Whether you are gifting, selling or simply throwing an old device away, it has the digital footprints of your life contained within it. These footprints can be used against you if you do not take care to erase them.

Operating systems often have an option to Factory Reset your device back to a clean state, but this does not destroy all of the data. Think of a library with shelves of books and index cards telling you where to find the book you are looking for. When you factory reset your device you are simply destroying the index cards. All of the books are still sitting on the shelves ready to be read.

DESTRUCT PRO ensures that the index cards are destroyed, the books are shredded, the library is torn down and finally the whole lot set on fire. Nothing is coming back after that. Using a 3 pass mechanism DESTRUCT PRO wipes all of the data, then writes cryptographically scrambled data over the top and finally performs a final clean wipe. This ensures that even forensic tools for data recovery will only be able to recover the scrambled data and not your precious files and information.

How do you wipe a computer?

1. Back up all your old data onto another computer or a memory stick.

2. Use a Computer wipe tool like Destruct Pro, its really easy to use and does the complicated bit for you, plus its not expensive and has multiple use.

3. Insert Destruct Pro into your USB port, open file explorer and click on the Destruct Pro button, this should then load into Destruct Pro, the data wipe tool.

4. If the Easy Boot above doesn't work, then you will need to power off your computer.

5. Insert Destruct Pro into a USB port.

6. Power on your computer and as soon as you see the manufacturer logo press the boot key (This is different for each manufacturer, but is usually one of the following: F1, F9, F10, DEL, ESC or a dedicated button)

7. Select DESTRUCT PRO from the boot menu.

8. Let DESTRUCT PRO boot until you see the main screen with your disks listed.

9. Go ahead and wipe your chosen disks, It will bring up as many disks as it can detect. At this point you can either wipe 1 disk or multiple disks in your PC. So click ALL or which ever disk you want to wipe.

10. Destruct Pro will then get to work and provide you with a PDF of your wipe.

11. No remember at the point you will have nothing, not even your Operating system, so you will need to reinstall the operating system. Lovell Tec also make a Windows Installer key which you can use with you existing Windows License key number.

Wiping your computer or Laptop this way also gets rid of any viruses, so its a great way to start a fresh with your computer or make a little extra cash when selling it.

*Destruct Pro works on 64bit computers and is not compatible with older 32bit computers.


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