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The Easy Suite is a set of tools that allow you to quickly access data and information on your computer that may not always be possible with other tools. They are portable, do not require admin rights and most importantly, they are free if you are using them for non-commercial purposes.

Currently the suite consists of the following tools:

Access your Active Directory or LDAP services. View users, computers, groups, sites, subnets and more. All from one simple tool. Search for users and computers by name or ID. See a visual hierarchy of your forest and domains along with all trust relationships. Check the health of your replication. No admin rights required.

Monitor the devices on your network and even on the Internet. Scan you network for devices you want to monitor or manually add a device. You can even bulk import a list of devices. Now you can use standard tools like ping, trace route and port scan. You can even remote control devices via RDP, VNC or SSH and even open file shares or web interfaces.

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Viewing the registry is useful if you know what you are doing. But it can be dangerous if you make changes. EasyReg is a registry browser which allows you to view but not change or damage your computers registry. See important settings without triggering “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”. No admin rights required and completely portable.

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