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EasyNet is a simple network monitoring tool. Monitor exactly what you want in the way that you want. EasyNet includes the following capabilities:

  • Network scan to find all devices on your local network (wired and wifi)

  • Manually add devices

  • Bulk import a list of device names

  • Create groups for easy management of your network

  • Drag and drop to re-order your device lists

  • Drag and drop devices between groups

  • Configuration can be stored in the registry or in an INI file (EasyNet.ini)

  • Standard network tools: Ping, Trace Route and Port Scan

  • Built-in RDP, SMB/CIFS and Web Browsing capabilities

  • Third-party additional capabilities for VNC, SSH and FTP

  • Wake-On-LAN magic packet to power on supported devices

  • Configurable heart-beat and time-out settings

  • 100% portable

  • No admin rights required

  • Run from a USB drive



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