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Free Windows 11 Legacy Installer


Microsoft released Windows 11 last year and many people have now downloaded and installed it. However, for those people with slightly older computers that do not meet Microsoft's strict hardware requirements this has not been possible until now. Our new tool for Windows 11 allows you to quickly and easily upgrade your existing Windows 10 computer to Windows 11 or modify a USB installer stick to allow installation of Windows 11 no matter what hardware it is using.


The process is very simple:


1. Download our Windows 11 Legacy Installer app

2. Follow the link in the app to download the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

3. Run the tool and create a bootable Windows 11 USB installer stick

4. Now go back to our tool and click one of the 2 buttons. To upgrade the computer you are on, simply click 'Upgrade This Computer'. Alternatively, if you want to be able to install a fresh version of Windows on any computer click 'Modify USB Stick'.


We recommend copying our Windows 11 Legacy Installer executable onto the USB stick so you can upgrade or install Windows 11 anywhere.


Be aware that Microsoft introduced these hardware requirements for a reason. Windows 11 will perform best when installed on computers with the necessary hardware. By using this tool you will be able to install Windows 11 on much older machines. This does not guarantee that it will run well! 

Lovell Tec Limited takes no responsibility for Windows 11 upgrades being installed on computers that do not meet Microsoft's recommended hardware requirements. 

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