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Dreamhost Dynamic DNS

There are many tools which allow you to update DNS with your home Internet IP address such as No-IP or DynDNS. Most ISPs charge extra for a static IP and will regularly change your IP address making it impossible to run services on your home network. With Dreamhost Dynamic DNS from LovellTec you can use your existing Dreamhost account to create a hostname for your home network. Dreamhost Dynamic DNS uses an API key generated from within your Dreamhost account to update your DNS entry if any change occurs to your IP address.


Key features:

Auto discovery of your domain names

Multiple subdomains possible

Auto start at logon

Portable, no installation required (no admin rights necessary)

Check IP at startup

Check IP every 5 minutes (to avoid spamming the Dreamhost API)

Log file keeps track of errors, warnings and changes


If you already have a Dreamhost account then you need Dreamhost Dynamic DNS today!

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