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    From when you plug DESTRUCT PRO in, the new interface makes navigating around DESTRUCT PRO easy. No complicated boot sequence or technical knowledge needed. Select either one or multiple hard drives and your computer will be clean and like new.

    DESTRUCT PRO's new interface, lets you know if there is a problem with your hard drive and how far along the process it is in the 3 phase Cryptographic wipe.

    Once wiped all you have to do is re-install your operating system and your computer is ready to be sold or re-used.

    NIST 800-88 compliance for Media Sanitization – NIST 800-88 is the de facto standard for data destruction on hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) and USB flash memory. In addition to the 3 phase wipe process, DESTRUCT PRO now supports secure erase capabilities including BLOCK ERASE and CRYPTO SCRAMBLE. The new wipe capabilities ensure that data stored in areas of the disk that are not normally accessible get completely destroyed.


    Super fast wipe methods. We now support single phase BLOCK ERASE and CRYPTO SCRAMBLE which can wipe an entire drive in seconds. Our in-house test lab have reported a 240GB SanDisk SSD can be wiped using BLOCK ERASE in around 10 seconds. Using third-party data recovery tools they were unable to recover any data from the drive after the fast wipe. (DESTRUCT PRO will never select a 1 phase fast wipe by default)


    DESTRUCT PRO now detects the best possible data destruction method for each drive being wiped. Don’t worry about which method to use. DESTRUCT PRO is smart enough to figure that out for you. (Although you can revert back to the DESTRUCT PRO 3 phase data wipe if you prefer).


    DESTRUCT PRO gives you the power to choose which hard drive you would like to wipe. It even offers the choice to wipe multiple hard drives at the same time. In DESTRUCT PRO's easy to use interface it's just a simple process of click and wipe.


    Using a 3 pass mechanism DESTRUCT PRO wipes all of the data, then writes cryptographically scrambled data over the top and finally performs a final clean wipe. This ensures that even forensic tools for data recovery will only be able to recover the scrambled data and not your precious files and information.


    Sometimes, no matter what anti virus software you put on your PC, a virus is there for good, until now. DESTRUCT PRO wipes your PC and all viruses are completely destroyed in the 3 phase cryptographic wipe process.


    DESTRUCT PRO is the perfect corporate tool too, with unlimited usage, DESTRUCT PRO can be used over and over again, so your office computers can be reused by new employees or sold safe in the knowledge that all your data is gone.


    DESTRUCT PRO now features Easy Boot. No more changing bios settings or clicking F12, just plug in, click DESTRUCT PRO and be ready to wipe your hard drive. When we first launched Destruct, 2 years ago, we started to realise that ease of use was 100% a priority for our customers. Focusing on ease of use we launched the EASY BOOT system and also developed a platform that non technical people can understand.​


    DESTRUCT PRO comes with its very own diagnostic report, no guessing on whether the wipe has been successful and each wipe is clearly stated in the report. Any problems with your hard drive will be brought up in the report


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