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1. What Is Password Reset Key?

Password Reset Key allows you to unlock any Microsoft Windows user account where you have forgotten or don’t know the password. In addition you can activate or unlock accounts which have been disabled or been locked out.

If your computer is protected with Microsoft BitLocker disk encryption then Password Reset Key will detect this and prompt you to unlock the drive with either a password, recovery key or recovery file.

Regain access to any computer in seconds!

Password Reset Key has been tested with Windows versions from Windows 2000 to the latest Windows 10 builds.

Password Reset Key can unlock any local account including Administrator accounts. Password Reset Key cannot unlock accounts associated with a Microsoft Windows Live account. To unlock a Windows Live account visit

2. Getting Started

Using Password Reset Key is simple:

  1. Insert the key into your computers USB port

  2. Turn on the computer

  3. As soon as it powers on press the key for your computers boot menu (See section 8 Common Keys to Enter Boot Menu)

  4. Select to boot from USB

  5. Let Password Reset Key boot up your computer

  6. If you see the BitLocker prompt then go to section 3 (Unlocking BitLocker Drives)

  7. If you see an OS prompt then go to section 4 (Multiple Windows Installs)

  8. Select a user from the list of users

  9. Click Reset Password

  10. Click Reboot

Once the PC has rebooted you can logon to the user account you reset with a blank password.

3. Unlocking BitLocker Drives

If your PC has BitLocker enabled you will be prompted to unlock the drives first. In BitLocker Manager use the following steps to unlock the drive:

  1. Select the drive to unlock

  2. Click on one of the 3 buttons to unlock (Password, Recovery Key, Recovery File)

  3. Use the password or recovery key to unlock or browse for the recovery file

  4. After the drive has been unlocked the red locked symbol will disappear

  5. Click Exit to continue to Password Reset Key

4. Multiple Windows Installs

Some machines may have more than one version of Windows Installed. In this case Password Reset Key will detect all of the installs and prompt you to select one:

  1. From the list of Windows Operating Systems select the one that has the accounts you want to reset

  2. Continue using Password Reset Key as normal

5. Unlocking Accounts

If an account has been disabled or locked out you can use Password Reset Key to unlock the account:

  1. Start Password Reset Key following section 2 Getting Started

  2. Select a user from the list

  3. Click Force Unlock

  4. You can optionally reset the password as well

  5. Click Reboot

Once the PC has rebooted you will be able to logon with the account that was previously locked or disabled.

6. What Else Can Password Reset Key Do?

In addition to the password reset and account unlock capabilities Password Reset Key allows you to run Windows Explorer to examine the file system and copy files to external drives.

You can run registry Editor to mount registry hives and fix problems that might be preventing the computer from booting.

If you have accidentally deleted files Password Reset Key can recover files and copy them to an external drive.

Connect to the network to transfer files to and from the PC.

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