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How do you wipe a computer?

Whether you’re selling it, trashing it, or reusing it, your old computer has a lot of extremely private data stored inside. And there’s a good chance that tossing files in the recycling bin and hitting factory reset won’t protect you. 

Those old photos, downloaded bank statements, private documents etc. 

So how do you wipe a computer properly?

1. Back up all your old data onto another computer or a memory stick. 

2. Use a Computer wipe tool like Destruct Pro, its really easy to use and does the complicated bit for you, plus its not expensive and has multiple use.

3. Insert Destruct Pro into your USB port, open file explorer and click on the Destruct Pro button, this should then load into Destruct Pro, the data wipe tool.

4. If the Easy Boot above doesn't work, then you will need to power off your computer.

5. Insert Destruct Pro into a USB port.

6. Power on your computer and as soon as you see the manufacturer logo press the boot key (This is different for each manufacturer, but is usually one of the following: F1, F9, F10, DEL, ESC or a dedicated button)

7. Select DESTRUCT PRO from the boot menu.

8. Let DESTRUCT PRO boot until you see the main screen with your disks listed.

9. Go ahead and wipe your chosen disks, It will bring up as many disks as it can detect. At this point you can either wipe 1 disk or multiple disks in your PC. So click ALL or which ever disk you want to wipe.

10. Destruct Pro will then get to work and provide you with  a PDF of your wipe.

11. No remember at the point you will have nothing, not even your Operating system, so you will need to reinstall the operating system. Lovell Tec also make a Windows Installer key which you can use with you existing Windows License key number. 

Wiping your computer or Laptop this way also gets rid of any viruses, so its a great way to start a fresh with your computer or make a little extra cash when selling it.

Check out Destruct pro here 

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